According to Decree-Law Nº. 24/2014 of 14 February, all items purchased at have a maximum period of 14 days to exchange or return your product. In order for PERDIGONMANIA to accept the request for exchange or return, the product must be in perfect condition and show no minimum signs of use or misuse. Being in its original state means that the packaging, labels and the entire product must be intact.

To make an exchange or return you must contact the PERDIGONMANIA Customer Service via phone, email or registered letter showing the willingness to exchange or return the item (s) previously purchased, accompanied by the original purchase invoice.

Exchanges or returns sent via CTT without identification of the sender will not be considered, being the responsibility of the customer to contact the Customer Service before making any shipment.

In case of return «You must bear the direct costs of returning the goods.»

According to article 12 of Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of 14 February, PERDIGONMANIA is obliged to reimburse the amounts paid by the consumer of all amounts received, except for shipping costs, within a maximum period of 14 days.

If, for any reason, PERDIGONMANIA feels the need to update its privacy policy, the consumer will be the first to be informed at least 30 days in advance.

For any further clarification do not hesitate to contact PERDIGONMANIA.